Case Study
The Case
Pukka Travels is a tour operator in Tromsø, Norway offering a variety of sightseeing tours for tourists. Their main attractions are tours that involve seeing the Northern Lights in Tromsø.
Increase in ROAS
Reduction in CPA
Return on Ad Spend
The Brief
Pukka Travels had built a strong brand throughout its years as a leading tour operator in Tromsø and were gaining quality traffic, mainly from paid channels such as Google Search.

However, they were struggling to convert this traffic into paying customers. Adsfunnels was initially asked to set up retargeting campaigns on Facebook/Instagram to convert a higher percentage of their paid and organic traffic.
The Solution
Considering their customers mainly consist of international demographics and booking a tour requires planning, hotels and plane tickets, the commitment and price point is high. As such, the conversion window and decision-making process is long and people need to be exposed to multiple touchpoints or ads before they convert. After carefully analysing the data, we decided to implement our so-called retargeting funnel. A retargeting funnel consists of multiple steps a user is taken through before they ultimately are ready to convert. And in each step of this funnel, the messaging and goal of the ads are tailored to their behaviour or readiness to buy.
The funnel consists of sending people to a blog post where they can read more about the Northern lights and where to see them, a few days after they are retargeted with other educational ads, such as when to see the NL and how to increase your chances of seeing it. The main goal of these ads is to build trust and awareness rather than sales. The audiences are pushed further down the funnel as they start exploring various tour offerings on Pukka Travel's website. At this point, they have shown buyer intent and are retargeted with more sales-focused ads.
The Outcome
After a month of testing and tweaking the various segments/elements in the funnel, we started seeing staggering results. The campaigns had reduced the average CPA by 50% over the course of 2 months, giving us a return on ad spend at 21x. The funnel is still going strong and continues to deliver over 20x ROI for the client.
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